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Content Conversion

Electronic & hard copy media

We convert electronic or hard copy media (including non-English languages) into either an XML file, an E-book or any proprietary file format. In electronic source files like MS Word, JPEGs and PDFs, text is extracted to become editable. Based on instructions, "tags" are applied on the text to make it searchable. The text is then converted to the desired format like XML.

  • Legal (Case Law)
  • News & Business (Magazine)
  • E-books

Statistical & Sports Indexing

textUAL & video

We arrange and format text similar to a book’s table of content by adding metadata, selecting keywords and putting subject terms to make it searchable. For video, it is the same principle. For example, in a basketball game, the shots attempted, shots made, fouls committed, etc. are all "tagged" into the video via a custom user interface. This allows a coach to review and search for notable events and player statistics from a game.

  • Statistical Data
  • Sports (Basketball, Volleyball & Lacrosse)

Keyboarding & Entry

Online & offline

We search, identify, analyze, extract and enter specific content from either electronic or hard copy media into an electronic document or spreadsheet. We select financial data from online PDF reports and key it on an online template.

  • Financial Data
  • Websites

Quality Audit


We audit text files if their character accuracy percentage, searchability, formatting and critical elements (i.e. front matter) meets the standard. 

  • Text
  • e-Books

Comparing & Updating


We update a "master document" with changes from either a website or a published e-Book to ensure text completeness, structure (headlines, margins), footnotes, tables, pictures, etc.

  • Websites
  • Spreadsheets
  • Documents
  • E-books



We correct small errors in both text and style/layout.  This takes more time than simple proofreading because measuring consistency requires making sure the names of states are always treated the same which often involves going over the text multiple times.

Chapter One: The Dog Who New to Much About Alabama
Chapter 3: Dog Houses in Calif. and the Environment

Chapter 1: The Dog Who Knew Too Much About Alabama
Chapter 2: Dog Houses in California and the Environment


Virtual Assistant


We will do the work of one person to a whole department

  • Quality Auditing and Checking
  • Accounting
  • Operations and Production
  • Secretarial/Clerical Work

Audio Transcription


We use a combination of software and manpower to transcribe audio to the desired accuracy. On the flip side, we also convert text by recording it as an audio file format.

  • Audio files (MP3, WAV, etc.)
  • Text
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